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Does Your Vehicle Lease End in 3 to 12 Months?

Would you want to get out of your vehicle sooner? Get into something fresh and new?

Many customers do not realize that they have options in the final year of their lease. Many feel stuck with a vehicle that they don't want anymore or they are nervous about going over their mileage allowance. WE CAN HELP!

Dutchess can help you return your lease of any make/model vehicle early and pay $0 penalty fees. Some folks with low mileage even MAKE money. Turn your lease in early and start a new lease or finance of a new/used vehicle at Dutchess!

Do you want to pre-order your next vehicle so you can get it exactly the way you want it, when you need it?

Dutchess Kia is your place to make this happen!  Simply start by giving us some basic information below and we will be in touch with the next steps.

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